Coco Crawford loves two things above all else – fast cars (especially her rare 1976 Datsun B210 HoneyBee) and her two nieces she is currently raising. When her newly sober sister, Dahlia, unexpectedly returns hoping to reclaim her kids, power struggles erupt over who gets to decide what is truly best for them. Does “what’s best” also mean eventually letting go of Coco’s beloved HoneyBee?

Infamously known to 16 year olds throughout Oakland, California as, “The Nightmare on DMV Street,” Coco is the most hard-assed DMV Driver’s License Examiner in the city. That’s because she loves expert driving so much and has profound respect for the responsibility that goes with it. (But also, sshhhhh don’t tell anyone, she really, really loves to go fast!!!) The best part of the job? Sometimes, she gets to ride in some wicked cool cars!

Coco is used to taking care of everyone but Dahlia’s homecoming  on top of the aggravations of her job will push her to a near breaking point. She will need to lean on the love of her nieces, the support of her mother and kooky co-workers and the precious memories of her late husband to help her get past this giant new roadblock. She’ll do whatever it takes to care for these kids, but, is her own life just like the HoneyBee – stalled and collecting dust in the garage? Will she ever get either one up and running again?

Like the new One Day at a Time and the original Roseanne, The HoneyBee offers humor with a whole lot of heart. Driven by a strong black female and taking on important themes that include addiction, grief, driving safety and race/gender in the workplace, this is that rare comedy that will make audiences laugh and cry at the same time.

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