Luna Loba Creative Mission: to produce content that invites its audience to explore and better understand the human condition, to spotlight the wide diversity of human experience and to celebrate “Stories of the Soul.”

We emphasize creations by and/or about: women, indigenous peoples and people of color, those within the LGBTQ+ spectrum and any or all who may be under-represented in entertainment and current media platforms.

“Luna Loba” translates to “Wolf Moon,” a Native American name for the full moon in January. The bright winter Wolf Moon occurs in the coldest & darkest time of year when the resourceful wolf and her pack are able to thrive, even while external circumstances may seem bleak. The days of the Wolf Moon are said to be a time for individuals within a community to communicate and connect with each other to find strategic solutions for their collective challenges. The wolf symbolizes creative thinking, cooperative teamwork, resilience and triumph over adversity.

The Good Balloon

The debut production from Luna Loba Creative.

A grieving sister finds a ray of light amidst the darkness

with the help of an unusual balloon.

This is a true story.

Scripts in Development


One hour drama pilot.


Half hour comedy pilot.


One hour dramedy pilot.

The Tragedy of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew is a tragedy. I can prove it.

It is time to stop pretending that this play is a lame romantic comedy and to truly listen to Katherina the Shrew when she says, “I must forsooth be forced to give my hand, opposed against my heart.” Instead of working so hard to justify and sugarcoat the uncomfortable misogyny of the play, let’s call it out, embrace it and give William Shakespeare even more credit than he already gets for being an artist ahead of his time. Let’s give Katherina the title she has always deserved, Shakespeare’s Most Tragic Hero.


Jackson Entertainment Management

Jackson Entertainment Management

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